I assume that you pay attention and noticed that several weeks ago this blog changed its name to 'the blog formerly known as The Statistical Mechanic', which one may abbreviate as tbfkaTSM.

Yesterday it occurred to me that it is time to change the name once more, this time to 'the blog formerly known as the blog formerly known as The Statistical Mechanic' or short tbfkatbfkaTSM. Of course, thinking ahead, it was clear that a more future proof name would be tbfkatbfka...tbfkaTSM.

But then it dawned on me that tbfkatbfka...tbfkaTSM is actually equivalent to tbfkaTSM in a strange way. And so I had an opportunity to appreciate the axioms of logic, which allow one to compress unnecessarily long statements.

Like the axiom S5 of modal logic. I only mention it because Alvin Plantinga used it in his ontological proof, which is a variant of Anselm's proof.

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