One reason I do not have a facebook account is that I would probably not have enough friends; Most likely my friends would on average have more friends than I do.

This is just another result of this 'mutant form of math' and is explained e.g. here and here (pdf).


Adrian Kent thinks that many worlds interpretations are scientifically inadequate.

He is against many worlds.

In this world.

I wonder what he thinks in the other worlds...

And I wonder if I have on average more friends in the other worlds than in this.

By the way, can a whole world have 'friends'? (*).

(*) Friends have to have something in common. So we define that two different worlds or branches of the m.w.i. are 'friends' if they both contain at least one observer with (almost) the same conscious experience. At any point in time we are then dealing with a 'social network' of worlds and the above friendship paradox applies: Most likely the other worlds will have more 'friends', be more popular, than our world.
If I believe in the many minds interpretation and assume that conscious experience constitutes reality, does this mean our world is most likely less real than others?


Anonymous said...

What if the Queen had balls in another world?

wolfgang said...

I thought they already did in this world !?

Lumo said...

Yours was actually one of the reasons why I hesitated with creation of my Facebook account, too.

But when I got my 20th invitation to create an account, I created a list of 30 people whom I would invite, and when I overcome other reasons not to be there, I created the account.

Of course, the reason of yours turned out to be silly at the end. Facebook is no contest who has more friends - even though some people probably think it is, and I beat many of them in their own discipline. ;-)

When you play Mafia Wars on Facebook, you may have 250 "friends" who are just members of your mafia. That's my case, so among 500+ only 260+ of them are real (10 of them are both mafia and real friends haha).

I will accept you if you create a Facebook account. With this pledge, you will already beat several Facebook friends of mine. :-)

wolfgang said...

I am still not sure about Facebook, but I really appreciate the offer and will certainly come back to it if I ever make a decision.