neutrinos as tachyons

It is not surprising that there is a debate about the detection of faster-than-light neutrinos before that discovery is even announced...

It is also not surprising that there are already several arguments in favor of tachyonic neutrinos, even if there are good reasons to doubt that idea (*).

What I do find surprising is that slashdot and other news outlets are so far silent about this threat to the well being of grandfathers.

added later: They are no longer silent and OPERA's paper is here...

... as bonus material, let me mention an old joke from my home country, where it is known for a long time that bureaucrats are made from tachyons. How did we know that sometimes they travel faster than light? Because official working hours end at 4pm, but they are often at home already at 1pm.

(*) It seems to me that tachyonic neutrinos could easily resolve the information loss problem and would let us "see" the interior of black holes. They would also explain how information can be retrieved from baby universes and thus support a silly idea of mine. Obviously, this should count in favor of the tachyonic neutrinos. Simple question at this point: So what Bayesian prior should one use???

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Anonymous said...

Those Pysicists from CERN are so bright,
They learned to travel much faster than light.
They set off today,
in a relative way,
And came home late last Thursday night!